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Design / Engineering


With an outstanding team of engineers and years of industry leading experience, Newstress is known for both Value Engineering and Value Added Solutions. 


Years of experience have created advantages and unique innovations, which is passed on to the customer. 


At Newstress, the first priority is to meet customer and industry specifications with a quality product. To better serve customers Newstress always looks to help them save time and money.


Part of the Newstress advantage lies in unique software applications which help us design with accuracy, efficiency, and quality in mind.

Fabrication / Manufacturing


With extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, Newstress can fabricate new forms,  and unique, one-of-a-kind items. Customers appreciate the length to which solutions to difficult projects are found. One of a kind arched openings for windows and doors, domed roofing systems, water tanks and unusual configurations for arena seating are regularly produced at the factory in Epsom, NH.


Working as a team, and using sophisticated engineering tools, there is supreme confidence that products meet the highest industry standards, demanding tight tolerances, and attention to aesthetic detail.


Using automation and lean manufacturing principles,  quality is built into everything Newstress produces. Adherence to well documented Policies and Procedures has resulted in the Epsom, NH plant being PCI Certified for over twenty years.

Erection / Installation


Newstress offers their own PCI Certified erection team for a turnkey (precast only) installation.


Newstress can also offer the service of an in-house installation Engineer or Technician if the customer chooses to erect themselves. This individual will counsel the crew on proper installation.


Newstress arranges transportation of product to the job site and can provide referals for a crane service suited for the project and location. If no erection services are needed, Newstress works to collaborate on delivery to optimize effeciency.

1640 Dover Rd. Epsom, NH 03234 (603) 736-9000

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