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Since inception, Newstress Inc. 
has been a leader in precast engineering and production.

Newstress Inc. was incorporated in New Hampshire in 1978. In 1983, the company located to Epsom, chosen for its advantageous location with proximity to all major highways. At the present, the company has a physical plant of 20,000 square feet for the indoor production of systems structures. A two-story office building houses the administrative and design departments.


During its more than forty years of operation in Epsom, NH, Newstress is proud to have successfully produced several hundreds of projects. It has serviced most of the general contractors in the New England area, resulting in ongoing relationships and repeat business.


As a Certified Plant and Erector of the Prestressed Concrete Insititute (PCI), Newstress has been continually monitored and audited twice each year since passing its initial inspection in 1993. The first project produced as an official PCI Certified Plant was the Fire Training Academy Tower in Concord, NH, used for training fire fighters in real world situations.


Newstress with its in-house engineering capabilities, has also been called on to supply product for projects which were technically demanding. Drydock No. 2 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard had very specialized pieces designed to be submerged as the Head Building for nuclear submarines. At the same Navy yard, Newstress also produced an explosion resistant unidentified waste facility.


Newstress product can also be found in several ocean piers, some with extremely heavy loading capacity, including one at Federal Courthouse in Boston. Newstress has also produced product for the Army Corp of Engineers for closures of decommissioned ballistic missile silos which required special loading design. Other projects for the Army Corp of Engineers include bridges and a spillway bridge-way.


Newstress has also been a major producer of precast, prestressed arena seating. Newstress product can be found in schools, dormitories, hotels, parking structures, commercial and industrial buildings, water treatment plants, and housing projects as well. Newstress' line of Newcore Planks have served the needs of this region in many projects demanding requirements for openings, duct ways, special loads, and shapes that other planks could not satisfy. As a result, Newstress projects can be found in nearly every county of every state in New England and as far south as Florida and west to California.

1640 Dover Rd. Epsom, NH 03234 (603) 736-9000

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