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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Newstress produce?

Newstress produces precast/prestressed concrete components used in a variety of structures. The Newstress concrete system consists of columns, beams, joists, planks, and wall panels. These member elements are used in combinations to create durable, fire-resistant, and affordable frames for various building structures, commercial and industrial buildings, parking garages, etc. Our Newcore planks are fabricated in thicknesses from 2.5 inch solid to 18 inch hollowcore.

How Does Newstress work with Architects and Engineers?

The Newstress design team coordinates with the Architect or Engineer in order to produce a structure which is as close as possible to the original concept of the Archtect or Engineer. Newstress offers to the Architect or Engineer full technical and design support to facilitate their work.

How does Newstress work with Owners and Developers?

The Newstress design team can coordinate with an already chosen Architect and/or Engineer or can suggest a professional. Primarily, Newstress is a structural systems manufacturer and its design team functions as a liaison with all parties to ensure a quality, cost-efficient project.

What does Newstress need in order to give an estimate?

A full set of drawings and a personal contact. From there a series of questions will help define the project, and allow Newstress to give a quote with a recommended solution.

What other products does Newstress offer?

Newstress also is a manufacturer of Newspace, an affordable modular structure. Newspace utilizes a factory-built system, consisting of structural steel, light-gauge steel studs and floor deck. Newspace has been certified by the Industrial Building Commission (IBC). It is offered from the structure only to turnkey.

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